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Who We Are

SKY Advocates LLP is a full service Law Firm established as a Limited Liability Partnership under the Laws of the Republic of Kenya. The Firm was founded out of a resolution by Partners to combine their strengths and expertise in the diverse areas of the law and develop a practice that is tailored to offer both Conventional and Sharia Law. When establishing SKY Advocates LLP, our founders had a distinctive vision in mind: Create a team of excellent minds that's not your usual Law Firm to offer legal expertise that helps, get answers and results while remaining connected to people.

The Law Firm draws its inspiration and values from the traits and characters of an Eagle as depicted on its Logo. His Excellency, Mr. Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India once said,

All birds find shelter during the rain, but an Eagle avoids the rain by flying above the clouds

SKY Advocates LLP seeks to evince the following traits from the characters of an eagle:

service-iconVisual Acuity

We endeavor to provide tailor-made legal solutions with a clear vision on the diverse eventualities and nuances of the law.


We strive to be fearless in defending the rule of law.


We strive to be tenacious in the dispensation of justice


Like an eagle which rises above the clouds in times of a storm, we endeavor to rise above our clients complex legal issues and offer viable solutions.